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The EyePal® was developed for the open-sight shooter who can no longer keep both sights in focus while trying to resolve their target (a.k.a. "fuzzy sight syndrome"). <more>

Easy-on and easy-off, the EyePal® makes your target and front and rear sights all in focus at the same time — but that's not all... <more>

Although the EyePal® is amazingly effective and simple to use, there is some serious optical science behind the scenes... <coming soon>

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We don't like to brag &mdash so we're letting our thousands of satisfied customers do it for us! <more>

"I have discovered an amazing device that makes your target and sights, front and rear, totally in focus at the same time, no matter what your eye problems may be...This device is truly MAGIC!"

on the Range
With Iron Sights

—not on the range. If you're like most EyePal® customers, you stopped going to the range because you could no longer make out your sights AND the target — we call this "fuzzy sight syndrome."
EyePal® Rifle Shooter
Frustrating, a little embarassing and certainly an unwanted handicap, the inventors of the EyePal® have created what many call a "magical solution" to the problem.

It's Not really magic, is it?

Well it seems that way to most people. Why? Because even those who had abandoned the sport all together now find when they simply apply the EyePal® to their glasses — they're suddenly back on the range and shooting better than they have in years — and sometimes the best they ever have...

What about Archers?

Not only have the EyePal® kits been the perfect solution for iron sight and open sight shooters of all ages, but the Archery world has discovered this secret weapon too and now they're adding the EyePal® Master Kit to their bag of tricks! (We won't tell if you don't...) We get calls from Archers on a daily basis letting us know that the EyePal® has become an Archer's best friend too!

What's the Catch?

None. No fine print. No gimmicks. Just a straighforward guarantee that you will see tremendous benefits, just like thousands of enthusiasts before you, or your money back.