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The EyePal® was developed for the open-sight shooter who can no longer keep both sights in focus while trying to resolve their target (a.k.a. "fuzzy sight syndrome").

Easy-on and easy-off, the EyePal® makes your target and front and rear sights all in focus at the same time — but that's not all... <more>

Although the EyePal® is amazingly effective and simple to use, there is some serious optical science behind the scenes... <coming soon>

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"I couldn't believe what these little pieces of flexible plastic did for my aging old eyes! I'm not sure why, or how they work... You may have to spend a minute or two finding the best spot to put them on your glasses, but it will be worth it."

What's an EyePal®
and Who's using it?

The Eye Pal® is a modern adaptation of the century-old peep sight, which most people relate to as a pin hole sight (remember those pin hole camera experiments back in school?). The Eye Pal® enables you to simultaneously see the target, your front and rear sights — all in focus. And since its made out of a EyePal® Aperturestatic cling material, it can be easily placed on and off of reading, prescription and safety glasses — without marring the surface or leaving any residue. Compact, lightweight and virtually indestructable, the Eye-Pal® is the ultimate addition to any shooters kit.

Who would use the Eye Pal®?

Any person who is having trouble with "fuzzy"sights when aiming a rifle, handgun or bow and arrow. The EyePal® provides iron sight shooters and archers with a small image where everything is in focus. This is particularly useful to shooters who have limited near vision but have good far vision.

Can the EyePal® be used with reading glasses?

Yes, the Eye Pal® is specifically designed for those affected with presbyopia (limited near vision). Being far-sighted, they can already resolve the target in the distance. Using the EyePal®, they can now acquire the sights of the firearm at the same time.

What about persons with astigmatism?

Most shooters with astigmatism get a prescription that allows a focused front sight, a slightly de-focused rear sight and a target with adequate resolution. While its impossible to account for every scenario, experience shows that most astigmatism issues are resolved when using the Eye-Pal®.

What can I expect when using a handgun?

Since the handgun is at an arm's length away from the eye and well within the minimum focus point of eight inches, its' sights will be in focus simultaneously with the target.

But I Shoot a Bow and Arrow!

No problem, the EyePal® works great for Archery too! Our archer friends tell us all the time how an EyePal® improved their target accuracy dramatically (many tell us they didn't even realize they weren't seeing their sights clearly until they put on an EyePal®).

Can persons with 20/20 vision use the EyePal®?

Yes. You can easily mount the Eye Pal® on your safety glasses to acquire a desired sight picture free of peripheral vision issues. We won't promise you "super vision" but you be the judge...

EyePal® on Glasses



How about using

the EyePal® at the indoor range?

Light levels in both shooting-booths and indoor ranges may not be adequate to properly illuminate the sights of the firearm.