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The EyePal was developed for the open-sight shooter who can no longer keep both sights in focus while trying to resolve their target (a.k.a. "fuzzy sight syndrome"). <more>

Easy-on and easy-off, the EyePal makes your target and front and rear sights all in focus at the same time — but that's not all... <more>

Although the EyePal is amazingly effective and simple to use, there is some serious optical science behind the scenes... <coming soon>

Learn from the Pros about how to get the most out of your EyePal with these helpful answers to some common questions... <more>

We don't like to brag &mdash so we're letting our thousands of satisfied customers do it for us! <more>

"I promised to follow up with you after I'd had a chance to try it out — well I have to say that I'm thrilled with the results... Thanks for making the EyePal, and thanks for selling me one."

Keep your New Year's Resolution to Get Back on the Range!

With a little help from your friends...

EyePal® Kits are available in THREE VERSIONS: Rifle, Handgun and Master. The Rifle and Handgun Kits consist of (2) identically sized apertures, matching their kit application. Master Kits (for Archers and Iron Sight shooters) contains (1) rifle and (1) handgun aperture. All kits include a storage case and an instruction card.

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