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The EyePal® was developed for the open-sight shooter who can no longer keep both sights in focus while trying to resolve their target (a.k.a. "fuzzy sight syndrome"). <more>

Easy-on and easy-off, the EyePal® makes your target and front and rear sights all in focus at the same time — but that's not all...

Although the EyePal® is amazingly effective and simple to use, there is some serious optical science behind the scenes... <coming soon>

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"I can shoot better than ever while wearing my readers. This helps me with my loading chores too. It's so easy. Thanks!"

EyePal®, How Does it Work?EyePal® Aperture

Typically, the eye "sees" a huge amount of visual information, information that includes, say, a target. The target shooter is only interested in the target — the rest of the peripheral visual information is not useful and not needed.

Using the Eye Pal® provides the target shooter with three advantages.


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